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Today 3rd June 2019

Right of reply of Dizz Limited and Diane & Karl Izzo in their personal capacity

Reference is made to the Article published on Saturday 1st June 2019 on the Times of Malta entitled “Ambassador’s firm must settle tax arrears” and by the present the said Dizz Limited and Diane & Karl Izzo are exercising their right of reply according to law:

1. That the Court case in question, which goes back thirteen years, was not about unpaid tax, but concerned a question of custom duties and a contestation on the origin of the products imported by Dizz Limited. The payment or non-payment was not affected by Dizz Limited as per agreement; 2. That Dizz Limited has every legal right to contest the amount in question, which is the same right afforded to any person – whether physical or moral – under our Laws; 3. That Dizz Limited is currently seeking legal advice about the judgement in merit which may be duly appealed according to law; 4. That the appointment of Mr. Karl Izzo as an Ambassador has absolutely nothing to do with the case in merit and Mr. Izzo was appointed as such in the past months;

In this regard, it is evidently clear that the only plausible reason for the publication of this type of article was to tarnish and harm the reputation of Dizz Group and any future investors within the company. Therefore the same Group is hereby reserving all its rights to proceed according to law with regard to any and all damages already suffered and which it may further suffer as a result therof.

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