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Diane Izzo visits the Young People’s Unit at Mount Carmel Hospital

DIZZ Group, Malta’s leader in the retail fashion industry promotes numerous Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives with the aim to contribute towards society in general and also those in need. Diane Izzo, DIZZ Group CEO recently visited the Young People’s Unit at Mount Carmel Hospital. The visit took place on Wednesday 10 October, Mental Health Day together with the Marigold Foundation, in order to create further awareness of such conditions and encourage the authorities to provide even greater support to children and adolescents suffering from mental health problems.

During her visit to Mount Carmel Hospital Diane had the opportunity to spend time with the 15 youngster’s resident in the YPU. She also had the opportunity to witness the projects undertaken by the Marigold Foundation at the hospital. The first one saw the embellishment of the female ward and more recently the YPU interactive class.

“At DIZZ Group we give great importance to corporate social responsibility and we plan increasing our contribution in various areas in the years ahead. I will certainly remember this visit for a long time and will forever cherish the time I spent with these wonderful youngsters. We need to work harder to eradicate the social stigma surrounding mental health. Mental health problems cannot be treated solely with the use of medication. In order for patients to start treatment and eventual recovery they must feel accepted by society. Today’s visit serves to send a strong message to society in general. We need to first accept and subsequently help these people and integrate them further in our day to day lives,” said Diane.

Adolescence can be a very trying period of one’s life. A number of natural changes occur; changing schools, leaving home, starting university or taking on a new job. For many these can be very exciting times. On the other hand, they can also be times which lead to stress and anxiety occasionally resulting in mental disquiet. Furthermore, the CEO of DIZZ Group warned that the ever-increasing use of online technology, whilst offering certain clear benefits, may result in additional psychological pressures.

Diane said that the importance of helping young people build mental resilience is being recognised and thanked the staff at Mount Carmel for the hard work, dedication and support they continuously offer to the people they are entrusted to care for. At the end of the visit Diane and some staff members of the DIZZ Group who participated in this event distributed gifts to all the residents of the YPU.

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