The White Label First Release – Spring/Summer 2017 collection is the embodiment of a young, sexy and feminine woman. It is available in two fashionable colour palettes, which reread the complementary souls of the Liu Jo woman: they are Black Shine and Colourful.


The first theme is for parties and can stretch as far as special occasions with an easy touch. We find a chic collection with a style embodied by extremely detailed pieces in shiny fabrics, where a silver touch adds a tougher attitude and personality. These very trendy pieces are new and sophisticated with fits that flatter the body or wrap it up in different materials for a comfy feel. As usual, the common denominator is femininity, though.

T-shirts range from the more classic to the tougher, stronger styles, with prints and artwork placed in the middle, stripes and polka dots lit up by little plates, studs and animal prints. The theme’s colour palette includes black and white, silver and touches of Tango Red that spices up the colours; everything is lit up by little rhinestone shapes and faceted studs. A more casual part of the collection is developed alongside it, in the same palette but decorated with prints: all-over stripes and polka dots or the latest geometrical inspirations, in a strong, impactful mishmash of colours.

The theme’s knitwear comes in matching colours and shapes. An easy, casual range: thin metallic ribs, embroidered sequins caged up in mesh details, and plaited textile decorations. Polka dot prints on stretchy viscose and stripes paired with lace make this collection extremely easy and feminine, while there’s no shortage of knitted dresses, in three different fits: tight, straight and A-line. The stretchy viscose dresses have a nice, precious feel.

The theme’s bottoms are all about spring and include the exclusive Roxy range: Roxy chinos, culottes, as well as the new New York trendy. Colours range from Tango Red to Navy Blue, from Snow to White and the ubiquitous Black. The chino and short chain, with chain details, are exclusive styles; the pants, dress and pencil skirt with a “Breton style” button front are intricately decorated.

Perfect for any occasion, the jacquard trouser suit is matched with the range’s prints: polka dots, animal prints and metallic effects for an instant party look. Micro and macro eyelets are sewn on the special styles of the first theme. Lace and tulle pieces are not missing either and enhance the feminine spirit of these collections: they feature on a fitted biker jacket as well. The faux leather and stretchy tulle micro-jacket also adds an intriguing touch to any look in this collection.

Then, there are the unrivalled Bottom Up Color Snug, Rampy, Beat, Monroe styles and the Rampy dungarees in black and white or in a colour palette that can be mixed and matched with the rest of the collection.


This feminine, glamorous theme, with its rich, bright shades, perfectly embodies the vibrancy of midsummer for the second release. Pride of place is given to coloured lace, floral prints in bright colours and several styles, including scarves. The colour palette ranges from trendy acid shades, such as Vanity, Fuchsia Pink, Flambé, through to all shades of blue, which also feature on the new striped shirts.

The theme’s knitwear stands out for its fashionably feminine details: the first theme’s stripes mixed with lace are taken up again but in new shades. Beaded warm cotton has a soft, nice feel. Stretchy viscose is still the most extensive range, with plenty of fashion details: sails, studs, embroidered metal beads, studded prints. A short knitted blazer with a fur-like thread goes perfectly well with these dresses or with top and denim combos.

The second theme’s bottoms embrace a warmer view of the collection, its styles a foretaste of the most summery part of the second release. Stretchy satin pants come in new styles and bright colours. Stretchy drill is fresh and shiny, with details of lace and armbands, in solid colours or floral prints, the most distinctive one in the first release.

Solid or printed stretchy gabardine pieces are young and fun: chinos and soft cargos are decorated with patches of lace and beads, plus tiny belts in solid colours or floral prints. Lace, prints and beads are the connecting thread that runs through the collection and also feature on the field jacket, the Kate jacket and the cargoes, adding a shiny, sexy touch to the Liu Jo woman.

The eyes are seduced by stretchy satin or loose viscose pieces, either in solid colours or printed.

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