DIZZ Group are main sponsors of Sliema Wanderers FC

DIZZ Group have reached agreement with Sliema Wanderers FC to be their main sponsor in a long-term deal officially announced today (Friday, 18 November, 2016).

Sliema W. presented their kit with the DIZZ Group logo on their shirt and many of their star footballers in a press conference at their club house in Tower Road, Sliema. The main speakers at the press conference were DIZZ Group CEO Diane Izzo and Sliema W. President Keith Perry.

Ms Izzo said it was a great honour for the DIZZ Group to be contributing to the football club that has most achieved success in the country. “This is only the beginning for us, but we are seeking to build a long-term relationship with this famous football club.”

She went on to mention her husband’s family’s strong links with Sliema and the club, including Tony Nicholl, his grandfather. “I have great respect for the club president and can look forward to a long road of collaboration through teamwork. We are both doers and I believe we can help the club in many different things, apart from the monetary support we have given.”

With the DIZZ Group being the largest company in retail locally, she expressed confidence that the club could be even more professional. She saw plenty of synergies and was meeting Mr Perry on a weekly basis to see how they could continue to build on the club’s success and bring even more success to the club.

Mr Perry expressed his appreciation for the DIZZ Group’s support and the faith shown in the Wanderers. “Thanks to this agreement the club will be in a stronger position to achieve further honours, with the main targets this year being to achieve entry into the European competitions next season and to win the FA Trophy since the club won the first edition in the Thirties and won it again last season.”

Sliema W. is investing in local talent, with several players having signed five-year contracts and the youth nursery, which is also being sponsored by DIZZ Group, now has 320 children, boys and girls, apart from an Academy with 40 children.

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