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Right from a very young age and ever since I can recall I was always very ambitious and hardworking and I looked up to my dad as my role model and business entrepreneur. My dad had his own business and I was always felt I wished to run my very own business in the future.

This was made possible the in the year 2000 when I decided to invest in the fashion franchise Terranova. Since the launch of the first outlet I have come a long way and today I run 15 outlets within a structured Dizz Group of Companies. Together with a strong management team we today also manage other fashion brands such as Calliope, Liu Jo, Make-up Store as well as the coffee brand Pascucci, You Vee Sunglasses and we also have an interest in Dean Gera Hair Outlets.

Motivation, Perseverance & Consistency

Each time I opened a new outlet I always felt a strong sense of motivation. After all this was my dream. On the other hand the obstacles one encounters when seeking business growth are various and it is only through a strong level of perseverance that I have always successfully managed to get past these obstacles. Obtaining bank finance, searching for the right personnel, being organised and reaching target deadlines and opening dates for new outlets, managing works which need to be done prior and after opening of outlets, driving the right marketing efforts, seeking to satisfy clients to the maximum potential and more. Consistency is also very important because I have always found it important to continue delivering the right level of service to clients and find it important to revisit our service standard each time and ensure that the outlets look good and attractive.

Innovation and Business Growth

In being a successful entrepreneur I have always sought to be innovative. Challenging the status quo is so critical in driving the business forward towards new aspirations of growth. When I opened my first outlet I realised that the success I had achieved would not simply stop there and it was my confidence and assertiveness that led me to continue seeking growth in the fashion industry by targeting and acquiring new renowned franchises. In order to reduce the dependence on the fashion industry I also successfully managed to kick-start the Pascucci Coffee Shops too in Malta and this level of diversification demonstrates to me the fact that I was not simply lucky at opening an international fashion franchise but also had the capability to diversify my product and service offering portfolio. Today I feel that I can manage many different types of businesses and that it is always very important to think and brainstorm wisely before entering into a business as well as during the operation of the business.

Profitability, Maximisation and Optimisation of Resources & Access to Finance

As an entrepreneur I have come across various opportunities in which to invest. In my role of CEO I have found it very important to consult with my management team on the opportunities at hand. Although it has always been my ultimate decision sharing thoughts with others has always helped me to make the right final decisions. After all the most important decisions in business are the big decisions one has to make. With the various opportunity costs and results I have found it important to seek maximisation and optimisation of resources at hand. Having the drive in business is not enough. It’s selecting the right opportunities of investment, acting quickly with right management decisions and always seeking to maximise output and optimise costs to seek the maximum revenue generations and ultimate levels of profitability. The generation of profits over the years and the safeguarding and follow-on investment of these profits in future business projects has allowed me to reach my targets of growth and expansion. The strong banking relationships I have secured also allows my group to continue growing at an ever increasing and rapid rate because the access to finance is there and the banks continue to offer further general banking facilities which in turn allow me to invest further into my company and generate further increased returns on our investments.

The Future & My Vision

Looking towards the future, budgeting and planning are critical elements in my delivery of performance as a good entrepreneur. I have always built up a strong management team that can take care of business continuity and this helps me to delegate roles and responsibilities. I have many exciting investment opportunities coming up within my group of companies. My futuristic vision is one of continuous expansion as I have experienced over the past number of years. I will be investing in a stat of the art central head office building which will house the management and administration team, the procurement and storage division together with an innovative and new clothing manufacturing plant, and a Warehouse Outlet selling the clothing brands at discounted warehouse prices and finally a Pascucci cafeteria to complement and complete the block. The will bring critical operations all under one roof. The manufacturing plant will also open up inroad into the export clothing market sector whilst the Warehouse outlet will provide customers with a multi-brand display of the prestigious brands held by the Group. The Group has also signed up for a further two very famous fashion brands which will continue to mark its sign within the local fashion retail industry. Marketing and PR have become very important elements in targeting new brands and communicating these brands to the domestic clients.

Service and Customer Satisfaction

The focus of my business has always been upon the service standard being given to the ultimate customer. Good service standards will attract follow on clients and Malta is a perfect example of the benefits of word of mouth by customers. I have found it essential to ensure that the personnel who are engaged in our Group have a good level of experience and character to deal with clients in the best possible. Sometimes I believe it is not just about selling clothing or coffees but in delivering a shopping experience to our customers and opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves in so doing.

Marketing, PR and Targeting Top Brands

Popularity in business is essential and it is for this reason that I have always sought to target international brands that are well recognised.

The brands I have invested in over the years have helped to guarantee my success story. It’s always harder and so much more challenging to open an outlet with a franchise or a top brand but the reward factor is also greater. It takes great convincing and a strong past track record to take over more and more brands and franchises.

To me this all comes natural and I feel this is one of more core strengths. I excel at demonstrating how strong our group is and at how successful other international brands will also be if they work

Our Mission Statement

We believe that our mission is that of exceeding customers’ expectations providing them with the highest standards of service deliver and quality standards. My group targets ongoing growth prospects across a spread of industries whilst providing further employment opportunities to a dedicated team of personnel.

More about my Group

The group is owned by the parent company Dizz Group of Companies Ltd with its head office situated at Dizz Buildings, Carob Street, Santa Venera. The company is owned equally by myself and my husband Karl Izzo.

I was the mastermind behind the set-up of the group in the year 2000 and its eventual continuous bursts of growth. Still in my thirties I feel I am by far one of Malta’s leading and innovative entrepreneurs who has successfully mad a strong name for the group in fashion, beauty and catering industries and I believe that the group has more growth prospects ahead. I occupy the role of Chief Executive Officer within the group and drive the strategy and expansionary plans of the group. The group is backed by strong levels of equity and profitability and therefore enjoys very positive backing by its bankers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

The group’s core activity is that of importing and retailing of fashion wear by means of its franchise agreements, warehouse stores and retail outlets however it has recently also invested in a number of cafeterias and other retail segments. The group engages over one hundred and fifty personnel and is an equal opportunities employer. The sectional heads of the departments including the Chief Operations Manager, the Chief Financial Officer, the Head of Human Resources and the Head of Sales and Marketing. I firmly believe in innovative management practices which sees empowerment of staff and few tiers of management levels.

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